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In today’s technology centered environment, there are often clashes between PHP and Ruby on rails programmers for their language supremacy. People should have a clear idea that PHP is a language and Ruby on rails is language over a framework. So, comparing PHP Vs Ruby on Rails wouldn’t be ideal one. However, I have tried to provide few insights on this comparison.

Most interesting talks these days in tech world is PHP replaced perl and now it is more likely ROR would replace PHP. I would certainly disagree with these, as PHP has been built to overcome difficulties based by programmers in perl. Similarly ruby in rails is built by programmers after drawbacks in languages PHP, ASP and perl.

PHP growth rate is stagnating for the past few years, whereas Ruby on rails has been growing tremendously. It is mainly because most developers want to be more sophisticated in their development.

Following are few general differences which could be list out,
Application performance:
PHP coding runs faster …